Theoretical Philosophy:

Rogerian, Humanistic, Client-centered

Therapeutic approach:

Experiential eclecticism, based on individual client needs

I am a native of Dallas, Texas. I received a BA in Psychology from UGA in 1993, a BS in Nursing from GSU in 1999, an MA in Psychology, with a counseling specialty, from UWG in 2004, and a PsyD in Sports & Performance Psychology from the University of the Rockies in 2015.

I have practiced as a Registered Nurse since 1999, working in critical care, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury, and school nursing. I also enjoy rodeo nursing for fun. I became a nurse to help people heal and to be with those who are making the transition to the other side.

I accepted a commission in the US Air Force Reserve on February 29, 2000; serving for 16 years and achieving the rank of Major. For 9 years, I served as a flight nurse where I provided support to OPERATIONS IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM in Germany and Afghanistan, respectively. I served 7 years as a mental health nurse before going inactive in order to care for my granddaughter. The American flag means more to me than many people may ever know.

In 2007, I accepted a spiritual calling to psychotherapy. I opened Perfect Peace Counseling Center on September 1, 2010, & closed it on August 31, 2020, due to COVID. I now practice solo from my home office. Unlike most counselors, I provide appointments in the evenings and on the weekends - for those who need counseling but cannot take time off work to attend appointments during the day.

I became a counselor because I have experienced more pain in my life than to which anyone should be subjected. I knew that God had allowed that pain so I would be able to help others who were broken. I am amazed every time I am in the room with a client at how quietly, yet powerfully, God moves in my clients’ lives. I am humbled to be able to create a space for healing and peace in the midst of life’s storms.

I published my first book, Soul Graffiti: What If Your Mother (or Father) Was Wrong?, in 2014. I am currently working on three more.

In 2017, I founded my non-profit, Purple Ponies Equine Therapy - a 501(c)3 organization that is healing heroes with horses. I travel all across the U.S. facilitating equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) workshops for my fellow veterans who are struggling to adjust to civilian life after returning from war.

On top of everything else, I was an Adjunct Psychology Instructor at Shorter University; and a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer for foster kids. On the rare occasions that I have time off, I enjoy horseback riding, baking, reading, swimming, golfing, and writing.

Beyond being a nurse, military veteran, counselor, author, and sports psychology consultant, I am a mother to an adult daughter, a grandmother to a rambunctious granddaughter and grandson, and a friend to many.

Walking with you on your journey of self-exploration, self-improvement, and self-fulfillment.

About Dr. G.