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All Crazy Ain't Bad But It Ain't All Good Either


Soul Graffiti: What If Your Mother (or Father) Was Wrong? , 2014

Soul Graffiti is an autobiographical self-help book that seeks to help readers find healing from negative upbringing.
Readers will:

  • Learn how to quiet the voices of ingrained negative self-talk and replace them with positive self-talk.
  • Experience healing for old wounds and start to find peace where there may have been years of chaos and doubt.
    Be given tips and strategies to cope with the hurts of life and slow or stop the cycle of abuse.
  • Know that they are not alone in their experiences and that there can be a happy ending on their journeys of self-awareness.
  • Discover how to find compassion and/or forgiveness for their dysfunctional parents.

Broken Crayons Still Color: Learning to Use MY Voice on a Journey to Hell and Back - from Existing to Living - from Powerless to Powerful - Through Whispers of Silent Struggle - Ultimately Figuring Out How to Love Me for Myself, 2022

Broken Crayons Still Color is a collection of poetry written over four decades through the ups and downs of life from adolescence to mature age. 

Readers will:

  • Journey through a plethora of emotions from the writer as a suicidal adolescent to a successful adult.
  • Experience the struggles of mental illness through the voice of the author from age 15-51.
  • Know that the ups and downs of life are "normal," from our sporadic hormone-filled high school years through college age, independent living, dating, marriage, and divorce, into the emotions of mature adulthood.
  • Discover how getting her feelings out on paper, in the form of poetry, helped the writer capture her entire life experience one poem at a time.
  • Realize how writing poetry kept the writer from trying to die.